Sexual Health Awareness for Swingers

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While most swingers do practice safe sex, they are still at risk for STDs and other health concerns. Even if you use condoms regularly, you still need to be aware of the potential risks. Here are just a few things to keep in mind.

STD Screenings

Condoms are great, but they aren’t fool proof. They can break and slip, and even when used correctly they can allow transmission to occur in rare cases. Because of this you should make sure you are getting screened regularly. Many swingers’ clubs will have group screenings at local clinics. These screenings may be free or low cost. If you do end up with a positive test, don’t panic. Most of these can be treated. You just need to refrain from sex until you are cleared.

Condoms and Other Protection

It should go without saying that condoms are an important part of staying healthy as a swinger. Many people overlook other activities that should be protected as well. For instance, oral sex with a woman isn’t guaranteed to keep you clean. If you use a dental dam you can avoid many of the diseases and issues that may be transmitted this way. Condoms should also be used with oral sex with men. You can find flavored condoms and dams to make this more pleasurable.

Reproductive Concerns

There are several issues that can come along with having a lot of sex. Since swingers tend to be more sexually active, and with more people, it’s important to be aware of them. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is common in women who are very sexually active. While this isn’t really a disease, it can inhibit reproduction later on. You can be screened for this so you can catch it before it becomes a problem.

Should You Take Someone Else with You If You Are Meeting a Swinger You’ve Not Met Before

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Meeting a swinger for the first time can be a little frightening. When you meet people online you don’t really know much about them until after you meet in person. Meeting someone with the intention of potential sexual activity just makes this even more nerve wracking. Many people want to take someone with them on a first time meeting. If this is what you want to do, here’s how to handle it.

Let Them Know

Taking someone with you to meet anyone you’ve met online, swinger or not, is a good idea. It allows you to stay safe and someone who can help with the connection. But it’s not a good idea to just show up with someone else with you. Instead, let them know you plan in bringing a friend. If you are part of a swinging couple, let them know that your partner will be joining you for the meeting. Also allow them to bring someone with them. That way they are more comfortable as well.

Where to Meet

Try to keep the first meeting in a public place. If you get along, you can move on to somewhere more private for sex. This way you can meet in a safe place, enjoy conversation, and get to know each other better. Try to pick a place where you will be able to enjoy intimate conversations without offending others. Quiet restaurants, coffee houses, and even bakeries and pastry shops can make an excellent backdrop for a first time meeting.

Being Safe Isn’t Sexy but It’s Important Whilst Dogging

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Safety should be a priority when you’re dogging. Even though you will be with other people who practice the same thing, there are still many hidden dangers involved. Part of the excitement stems from the potential dangers. Here are ways you can keep yourself safe while having fun.

Know the Area

In case something bad was to go down, you need to know how to get out of the area on foot. Plenty of things can happen that would result in you needing to leave your car and just go. Don’t go dogging in areas that you are unfamiliar with.

Let Someone Else Know

Even though dogging is largely an underground activity, you should tell a trusted friend where you will be. They don’t need to know all the details unless you want to share them. This way you know that someone is aware that you are going out. If you are meeting with a specific person, let the friend know who you plan on meeting as well.

What to Take

Other than the normal dogging materials such as condoms, you should have a small emergency pack in case things get out of hand. A flashlight is essential. You can find lights that don’t require batteries. This way you don’t have to worry about it not working when you need it. Also make sure you have a cell phone with a fully charged battery. This will allow you to call for help should you need it. Pepper spray isn’t a bad idea either if you are comfortable handling it.

Advice on How to Keep a Discrete Profile as a Swinger

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Swinging is something that you may want to keep discrete for many reasons. While in the swinging community people are very open, outside of this community people may not understand. A lot of people assume that swingers are deviant or promiscuous. If word gets out it can hurt your reputation, both personal and professional. If you want to participate in the swinging community, but keep it on the down low, here are a few tips.

Online Profiles

When you set up a swinging profile, you need to think carefully about what you are adding to it. Photos are appreciated, but you don’t want to be easily identified. If you stick to websites that are devoted to swingers you have less of a chance of being recognized by friends or coworkers. You can also use generic photos that don’t show a whole lot, and send photos privately when asked. Also don’t include information that could identify you in the profile text. If you work a job that is more unique, you may not want to go in to detail about it. Same applies to hobbies you may have.

Local or Surrounding Areas

If you live in a small community you may not want to look for local swingers. Most websites will allow you to set up a profile with any town you want. The advantage to this is you can say you are in a neighboring town, and look for swingers who are outside of your local community. This will allow you to swing without worrying about running in to your next door neighbor while you’re out and about.

How to Ensure the Person You Are Proposing To Meet Is Genuine

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Meeting someone for the first time is nerve wracking enough. Throw in the fact that it may not be a genuine connection and it can be even scarier. There are several things you can do before the meeting to make sure they are real. This way you aren’t wasting your time.

Use Cam Chat

If you have access to a webcam, this is a great way to talk to someone before you meet them. This way you have less of a chance of setting up a meeting with someone who isn’t genuine. If they are willing to chat with you on camera, and the video appears to match the conversation, then you are pretty safe. It will also allow you to see how closely the person and their picture match up. Some people use older photos for online dating profiles.

Read Between the Lines

If someone is hesitant to meet in person, there could be several reasons. Some people really are just nervous. Others have something to hide. You can usually figure out if they are married or just generally unavailable by looking for a few signs. If they only want to meet you during the week at lunch time, they may be with someone. Lunch dates are great for first meetings, but they also give someone who isn’t really available a good time to get out. Look at the times you typically talk online, and try to match this up with the times they want to meet. Someone who only chats very late at night, but then wants to meet in the middle of the day should throw a red flag.

Safe Words during Forced Role play

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Forced role play is a popular fantasy and fetish for many people. When done right, it can be pleasurable for everyone involved. It’s vital that safe words are set up beforehand. This will keep the situation fun and prevent it from going to a place that no one wants to go. Here are some tips for creating your safe words.

Avoid No

In forced play the word no won’t mean you need to stop. Because of this, you shouldn’t use this as a safe word. During forced play, one of the partners may beg you to stop, but its part of the fantasy. You want to choose words that aren’t going to be confused, and aren’t going to be used in the course of a force fantasy.

Unique Words

You should also choose words that aren’t part of your normal everyday conversations. This will allow you to make sure that the word is heard when it’s used, and it’s perfectly clear. Many people will use colors, such as yellow or purple as safe words. These words have several syllables and won’t sound like anything else during force fantasies. Other words that may be common are things like rutabaga, bombilate, and oracle all work as safe words. You can also make up your own words. The important thing to remember is it needs to be easily heard and not sound like other words, and it needs to be easily remembered regardless of what’s going on. You can use a simple search engine to find unique words. There are tons of websites that list unusual words that aren’t used in everyday conversation very often.